“Good design should be seen, heard, felt and thought provoking.” – James Lumsden-Keys

James Lumsden-Keys, JLKDsign Visual Media, is based in the Upper Yarra Valley, where a great deal of opportunity and inspiration abounds for the work that we create.

Since completing his Bachelor Degree in Digital Multimedia Design in 2013, James is now able to concentrate more on the aspect of digital design, audio design, video art and web design.

Having been involved with Interactive Digital Multimedia for a relatively short time he has found the pathways towards any project exciting and rewarding with self-satisfaction upon completion.

Urban art, audio visual projection installations are his main interests.

Abre Ojos and Bill Morrison are my creative inspirations.”

“Video documentation and digital projection in various forms are a very important part of any project. By capturing a vast amount of ideas and designs, which, creatively contributes towards building a solid resolution and in turn develops an archival piece of video footage into art work as a whole.

This link includes the documentation process from his video projection exhibition at Swinburne University, Wantirna in 2012.

James can be contacted on… james@jlkdsignvisualmedia.net


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